Perijee and Me by Ross Montgomery


Eleven year old Caitlin lives a lonely life on a Scottish island with her mother and her often absent father. She has to take a boat to school and she has found it difficult to settle in and make friends. Following a severe storm, Caitlin finds a small shrimp-like alien on the beach and she names him Perijee. She looks after him and he becomes her best friend. The only thing is, she has to keep him secret and it’s not easy hiding a voracious alien on a small island. As he grows bigger and bigger, she can no longer hide her secret friend and soon he is stalking the world, causing havoc. Caitlin knows he is a good and kind creature but can she persuade the rest of the world before it is too late?

A fantasy adventure story with plenty of whacky characters and amazing events. Readers are taken for an exciting ride across the pages of this book. However, behind the humour and excitement, there is also sadness – Caitlin is a lonely girl, her parents are wrapped up in their work and constantly moving schools has made it difficult for her to settle. Perijee is equally lost and, as he loses contact with Caitlin, his behaviour becomes erratic and dangerous, all fueled by fear and a lack of understanding. A gentle and sweet tale with challenging and interesting language – just check out this lovely description from early on in the book: “the waves hissing at the stones by our feet and his whole body glowing and fading like a nightlight”.


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