Love Bomb by Jenny McLachlan @JennyMcLachlan1



Betty has fallen in love with the new boy at school. Toby is gorgeous and cool. She can’t believe her luck when he notices her and asks her to sing for his band. Except being in love with Toby is confusing – Betty isn’t sure how he feels or even how she feels. Whilst her heart is in turmoil, life at home is hard to cope with too. She and her dad have been on their own since her mother died when Betty was almost two but now her dad has a girlfriend he wants Betty to accept and like. It is as well that Betty has her good friends Bea, Kat and Bill to lean on.

A light and enjoyable teen romance which is fun to read and will bring a smile to your face. However, like the other books in this series there is more to the story than teen love. The story also covers the difficult topic of growing up without a mother and of being a teenager without a mother’s guidance. At times it is sad and heartbreaking but it also makes you stop and think. Readers who have a mother around are likely to realise how lucky they are and how much they take for granted; whilst readers in a similar position to Betty might find some comfort in the story. Another lovely part of this book are the quotes from love poems: beautiful, apt and so well explained – a great way to remind readers of the power and beauty of poetry.

This is the second book is the enjoyable Ladybird series which will attract teen girl readers, including less keen readers, whilst also exposing them to a well written story and some thought provoking issues. The first book in the series is Flirty Dancing and the third book is Sun Kissed. The final book in the series, Star Struck, will be published on March 10th this year.

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