My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick @HuntleyFitz

A light, enjoyable romance that will pull on your heartstrings.


Samantha Reed remembers when the Garretts moved in next door. Her mother is horrified by the large, chaotic and ever-expanding family and the only contact Samantha has had with them is when she sits and watches them from her balcony. Then, one day, when Samantha is seventeen one of the boys in the family climbs up to join her. Jace Garrett is everything that her mother hates, but Samantha falls for him hard. If Samantha thought that keeping Jace without upsetting her mother was difficult, things only get worse when tragedy strikes the Garret household.

An easy and enjoyable romantic read. What is special about this book is the spread of characters, their realtionships and their complicated families – not just Samantha and Jace’s own families, but also the family life of Samantha’s best friend. The interaction between the characters and the problems they face and deal with make them interesting and real. Jace is a rather perfect boyfriend and you so want things to work out between him and Samantha, although at times it is hard to see how this is possible.


There is a follow up book “The Boy Most Likely To” due to be published in the UK in June this year. It is the story of Tim and Alice – both characters in My Life Next Door.

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