North Face by Matt Dickinson


Ryan is in Tibet to trek near Mount Everest but his plans are soon in tatters as an earthquake hits the area and his companion is injured. With everything in chaos, Ryan makes friends with a young Tibetan girl, Tashi. She is worried about her brother who was up on the mountain at the time of the earthquake. Tashi explains to Ryan that her nomadic family saw their way of life ruined when the Chinese authorities started forcing her people off the land and into towns and cities. Her family decided to try to establish a new life working with climbers at Mount Everest but danger has followed them. Tashi is desperate to find her brother and to escape the clutches of the Chinese army and Ryan wants to help her. Their decision leads them on an adventure as they battle both the elements and the authorities.

This book has two interesting sides to it. One is an action adventure story with Tashi and Ryan making an illegal climb to try and save Tashi’s brother and their journey is fraught with danger. The other side of the story is about how life in Tibet has changed as China has taken more control over the area and the peoples. Tashi recounts the story of her family in a simple way so that the action taken by the Chinese government and its impact on the Tibetan people is easy to understand. The story is both fascinating and heartbreaking. The book is a straightforward read, both informative and exciting. It provides a window into the amazing world of climbing, Mount Everest and Tibet.

This is the second book in the series The Everest Files. Read the start of Ryan’s journey in The Everest Files.


Readers who are entranced by the way of life in Tibet might find it interesting to read Seven Years in Tibet by Heinrich Harrer, a true story which describes life in Tibet at the time of WW2.


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