Night Runner by Tim Bowler


Zinny used to have a good life. His mum and dad worked hard and seemed happy. Then everything started falling apart. His dad is never around, his mother is having an affair and he is being bullied at school and starts bunking off. As he hides out at home one afternoon, his house is burgled by a sinister man who rips the place part looking for some unknown item. Then the man starts to follow Zinny and harass him. Zinny has one strength – he is a good runner – but he isn’t fast enough to escape the trouble that is exploding all around him. He hopes that at least he is fast enought to keep the sinister man happy so that he can protect his family.

A fast paced book with a very likeable character. Zinny is fun and believable, with a dysfunctional family that he loves and despairs of in equal measure. Like Zinny, the reader doesn’t know what the sinister man is looking for or why Zinny’s dad is never there. The author is very good at keeping the surprise ending under wraps throughout the story. A good, straightforward read which is great fun and will appeal to reluctant readers as well as keen readers looking for a quick bout of escapism.

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