This Raging Light by Estelle Laure

This book is due to be published on January 14, 2016. Look out for it – angst romance, friendship, tears and laughter.


Aged 17, Lucille finds herself left alone to look after her 9 year old sister. Her father had a breakdown and her mother has gone away to find herself. Lucille is determined not to manage the house and keep up her studies, but it is hard work and she struggles to balance everything and earn enough money to pay the bills. As she fights to hold it all together, she is also fighting her feelings for Digby, her best friend’s twin.

The story is emotional, with Lucille struggling to provide a home for her sister whilst trying to cope with her feelings for a boy who fills her thoughts. Family relationships, friendships, romance and community support are all a part of this book. There is plenty of angst but also laughter and hope. Although some of the topics touched on in the book are very serious, and the book does make you think, it is not a dark or heavy book. This is an enjoyable read, fairly short and straightforward.

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