Bringing YA books Alive – playlists, trailers, vlogs

In may last post I talked about using films, plays and events to help bring books alive for YA readers. Here are some more ideas:

Link books to songs:

Checkout the playlists on the World Book Day site. There is everything from music authors listen to as they write to playlists for books or characters in books.


Or check out this list of YA books that include playlists on Epic Reads.


The Guardian is worth a look – they have chosen their top 10 songs in teen novels.

Or, better still, inspire your teens and then get them to draw up their own playlists.

You Tube book trailers

It isn’t just films that have trailers – books have them too. Check out the Children’s Book Council on You Tube, The Guardian’s Trailblazers or the World Book Day site. Author or publisher websites often have trailers too.


How about getting teens to create their own trailers? There are a huge number of websites to help you do this.

Vlogs – Video Book Review

There are plenty of video book reviews available on the web. The Book People have provided a list of their favourite BookTubers here and you can find Teen Vogue’s favourites here. Video Blogging (vlogs) about books is an easy thing to get teen readers to do. It’s fun and a great way for teens to share their favourite books. If your library has a computer or TV screen, make the most of it.

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