Planning my YA summer holiday reading

My holidays are coming up and I’m planning my reading. I have three constraints:

  • there will be no wifi
  • there are no book shops
  • I need to pack very light

So it has to be the Kindle and it needs to be full of books – enough to keep me busy for 14 days and enough to enable me to read quickly or have something else to read if a book fails to take my fancy. So how many books to take? And which ones?

zeroes  lorali  wolf

concen   one  owls

possible  lie lie

So far on my kindle I have a nine books from NetGalley and they all look interesting:

  • Lorali by Laura Dockrill – a mermaid washes up on a beach in Hastings, UK. Published 2 July 2015
  • Night Owls by John Bennett – Beatrix meets Jack on a night bus. He’s a graffiti artist but there is more to him than that. Published August 13 2015
  • All Sorts of Possible by Rupert Wallis – a tale of love and loss and learning to accept the world for what it is. Published August 13 2015.
  • The Big Lie by Julie Mayhew – set in contemporary Nazi England. Published August 27 2015
  • One by Sarah Crossan – the story of Grace and Tippi, conjoined twins. Published August 27 2015
  • Concentr8 by William Sutcliffe – Concentr8 is a drug to control ADD – or is it a drug to control children? Published August 27 2015
  • The Wolf Wilder by Katherine Rundell – a story or revolution and adventure and standing up for things you love. Published September 10 2015
  • Zeroes by Scott Westerfeld, Margo Lanagan, Deborah Biancotti – a group of teens with amazing abilities. Published September 24 2015
  • Stasi Child by David Young – the body of a teenage girl is found at the foot of the Berlin Wall. The girl was trying to escape into the East. Published October 1 2015

I think I need to add some more – I’d be happier with 15 titles so I’m going to spend today checking out some good YA books that I have overlooked.


I was sent a copy of The Circle of Stones by Ian Johnstone by Vicki Berwick, his book publicist. It’s the second book in his series The Mirror Chronicles. I enjoyed the first book, The Bell Between Worlds, and am looking forward to reading the second volume. It’s an epic, fantasy adventure and well worth a look.


I am allowing myself another paperback: The Blue by Lucy Clarke. I’ve read both her other books – The Sea Sisters and A Single Breath and I enjoyed them both. I originally bought The Sea Sisters because Lucy is my cousin’s daughter and I was curious but I loved the book and I’m looking forward to reading this new one which is set on a yacht around the Philippines.

On a separate note, I love keeping copies of books and, whilst I love my kindle and the opportunity it gives me to carry a virtual library with me, I do miss looking at books I have read on my bookshelves. My bookshelves are a map of my reading history and therefore a map of me – I look at a book and I remember when I read it: how old I was, where I lived and what my passion and interest were at that time. I therefore try to buy paperback copies of books if they are special and Lucy’s books are special because of the family connection – hence the paperback and not the kindle copy.

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