Another Day by @loversdiction – #summerreading #YAbooks


Rhiannon has been going out with Justin for over a year. There is a lot wrong with the relationship but she overlooks Justin’s indifference and unkindness and focuses on those times he does pay her attention and he says nice things. For Rhiannon their relationship is normal and what she should expect. Then, one day, Justin surprises her by taking her to the ocean and behaving as she dreams he would. It’s perfect. Except it wasn’t Justin behaving like that. His body had been taken over by someone else, a person called ‘A’. ‘A’ wakes up every day in a new person’s body. It could be a girl or it could be a boy. It is a hard and unsatisfying existence, leaving ‘A’ no time to form attachments. Until the day he spends as Justin, because when he meets Rhiannon he falls for her and wants to see more of her.
‘Every Day’ is ‘A’s’ story and although this book is a sequel to it, it can be read as a stand alone. The premise of the story is unusual and interesting. It makes you think about what it is that attracts you to someone – the way they look or who they are? The story is interesting but the strongest parts of it are not so much the interactions between Rhiannon and ‘A’ but the interactions between Rhiannon and Justin. Justin is an interesting and difficult character and the way he behaves with Rhiannon is fascinating. Equally Rhiannon’s acceptance of their relationship and her willingness to accept Justin’s poor behaviour for the few times he demonstrates feeling is thought-provoking. How many relationships survive like this? It really makes you think about what is important in a relationship. A straightforward and easy read.

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