The Reluctant Journal of Henry K Larsen by @susinnielsen #summerreading


An interesting read – it makes you laugh but it also makes you think. A tough topic (bullying) to get right but this book does it.

Henry’s life has been destroyed by something his brother did. He has had to move schools and towns and he now lives with his dad in a small and unattractive flat. He is trying to settle into his new school, make friends and cope without his mother, but it’s hard. He also has to visit a counsellor to help him cope with his new life. The counsellor suggests that Henry keep a journal. Henry is reluctant to do this…

The journal that Henry writes reluctantly is the book that we read. He writes as if he is talking to you and his tone is honest and amusing. Henry will only tell us things about his life when he is ready and so the tragedy of what happened unfolds slowly; the story is heartbreaking and the book does not try to hide the long-term damage that bullying and its side effects can cause. Ultimately, though, Henry’s approach to life and the tone he uses to communicate make this an uplifting book.

milecules Also look out for Susin’s newest book We Are All Made of Molecules – another good read.

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