Running Girl by Simon Mason – Review @DFB_storyhouse #summerreading #YAbooks


This has been one of my favourite YA reads and I recommend adding it to your summer reading list. I just really liked Garvie, the main character. I liked that he wasn’t perfect – he was interesting and so was his story.

Garvie Smith is very bright with an amazing IQ and a poor record at school. He hangs out with the wrong crowd and his indifference to his upcoming exams drives his mother to despair. Garvie is bored by school and bored by his neighbourhood. Until Chloe disappears and is found dead. Finally Garvie has something his mind can work on – he becomes determined to find the killer, despite DI Singh being equally determined that Garvie should not get involved.

An excellent new detective series where the reader is kept guessing until the end. Best of all, the characters are real people who don’t always do or say the right things. Garvie is an interesting character – he possesses amazing powers of deduction and has a photographic memory but he is also lazy and bored and unwilling to focus on his studies. I hope there will be more books with Garvie in them in the future.

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