MetaWars Series by @thejeffnorton – Review

meta1 meta2 meta3meta4

Six weeks of summer holidays ahead – do you need to find something to read for an 11+ year old? Try this series – adventure, action, dystopian future, future world with computers…..

Book 1 Figh for the Future: The real world is falling apart and people are finding the virtual world more fun and more interesting – now you can even enter the virtual world and spend your days there. But wars and terrorists exist even in the virtual world and Jonah finds himself caught up in the fight to control it.

You don’t have to know about, or even like, computers to enjoy this adventure story. It is exciting and interesting with plenty of amazing ideas to marvel at and think over. A fast pace, a good story line and interesting characters.

Book 2 The Dead are Rising: Jonah discovers that the new virtual world he has helped to create is not perfect. Worryingly, the virtual dead are becoming strong and want to live again. How can he help control them whilst also protecting his dead father?

The book is full of adventure and excitement as wars are fought, the dead rise up and Jonah has to battle with many enemies to fight for what he wants. However, I found it repetitive at times and not as exciting as the first book, but it still kept me interested enough to want to read the next book when it comes out.

Book 3 Battle of the immortal: Jonah’s decisions in this book are coloured by his desperate need to keep his dad safe. The Uploaded (people who chose suicide so that they could live on in the virtual world) are becoming dangerous as they take over the lives of living beings. The Guardians and the Millenials are fighting to find a cure and the one put in place by the Millenials causes devastation. Jonah needs to find a better solution, a safe one for everybody, including his dad….

The possibilities of the virtual world and the destruction that has been taken place in the real world make this book an interesting dystopian read. The imagination that has been used to create the virtual world and to describe our future, devastated world is impressive. This book will appeal to readers who enjoy virtual games but it will also interest readers who enjoy a good adventure story.

Book 4 The Freedom Frontier: Jonah and Sam are getting ready to fight to gain control of the fourth and final server that controls the Meta World. However, Jonah still believes that more fighting and death can be averted and he makes one last attempt to reach a peaceful solution to the war between the Guardians and the Millenials. Nothing is that simple and Jonah discovers that all along there has been a hidden enemy, waiting in the wings to take control of everything.

It is unusual to say that the last book in a series is the best – readers often feel disappointed with the author’s endings – but in the case of the MetaWars series, I can strongly recommend this last book. The writing and the characters have grown, matured and developed with the each book and the action that takes place is unexpected and interesting. I like the fact that nobody is completely right or completely wrong in this series, because it’s rare for anything to be black and white. This makes the characters more interesting and the action less predictable.

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