Memory of Water by @emmi_elina – Review


I was curious to read this book which had originally been written in Finnish – I’m glad I did.

Noria lives in a future world where water is precious and scarce. Government control makes life difficult for all, but her family has managed to survive. Her father is a simple tea master and she will follow in his footsteps. On her seventeenth birthday he shows her a secret spring, a spring she must pretend does not exist because having a personal supply of fresh water is a crime. As Noria watched her family fall apart and sees the suffering of the villagers whose water supply is restricted, the knowledge of the spring lies heavily on her mind. The discovery of recording from the past that hold valuable information on the government and water increases this burden.

Yes, it is another dystopian book, but this is a book worth reading. Beautifully written and enthralling; the dry, controlled, unhealthy world in which Noria lives is brought to life and contrasted with the peace and beauty of the tea ceremonies her father organises. The characters are interesting and the weight of the secrets that Noria carries and the burden they place on her, her family and her friendships are believable and interesting.

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