I Was Here by @gayleforman – Review


Suicide is a dark and hard subject and yet this book is full of hope: hope that the people left behind can find meaning and can move on.

Cody is trying to come to terms with her best friend’s suicide. The hardest part is that she never saw it coming; she never even realised her friend was so unhappy. She feels guilty and she also wants to blame someone – find someone responsible for Meg’s suicide. As she helps sort Meg’s belongings out, she finds encrypted files on Meg’s computer that send her on a journey of discovery.

Cody’s journey of discovery is also a journey of discovery for the reader; it makes you realise that you can never know someone completely, that you can not take responsibility for someone else’s actions and that there isn’t always a black and white answer. The book is honest about the grief that follows loss and also the anger and guilt, but the book also carries a strong message about the healing properties of forgiveness, not just of others but of ourselves. An important part of the book is the way in which it highlights the dangers of chat rooms which purport to be support groups but which actually encourage negative thoughts – this will be an important eye opener for some readers. A very interesting book that took me through a range of emotions and left me feeling drained but positive. I really enjoyed it.

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