Close Your Pretty Eyes by @Sally_Nicholls – Review


I never thought that I would be saying that a book about foster care with an unlikeable main character would rate up there with my favourite YA books – but it does. I can’t recommend it enough.

Olivia has moved around from foster family to foster family. She is used to rejection and to being let down and, at times, she almost brings the rejection on herself rather than wait for it to catch her unawares. Then she finds herself in a new foster family and she starts to enjoy life in their secluded farmhouse. However, before long, she finds herself besieged by dreadful and dangerous feelings – are they her own or those of the ghost of an evil old woman who haunts the house?

A troubling story, beautifully told. Olivia is not a very pleasant character but then she hasn’t had a very pleasant life. Slowly the extent of the abuse she has suffered and the damaging effect it has had on her is revealed and, as her story develops, you so want things to go right for her at long last; because, despite everything, Olivia is just a little girl longing for a home. A thought-provoking and sad book which also filled me with hope. You cannot read this without admiring foster families and also the damaged children they care for who’s only wish is to be loved and safe. A fascinating book.

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