All the Truth That’s in Me by @JulieBerryBooks – Book Review


Sometimes it’s not that a story is perfect, it’s just that it gets to you and this is what this book did to me. It made my heart ache.

Judith grew up loving Lucas and dreaming of their future together. Then fate intervened and within two years, through no fault of her own, she finds herself an outcast in her community and rejected by her own mother. At first she accepts her fate but, with help from unexpected sources, she realises that she is entitled to a life and to happiness too.

This is a sad and beautiful story, full of longing and yearning – for happiness, for understanding, for love and for acceptance. There are plenty of twists and turns in the story and the reader is kept guessing as to what Judith’s fate will be. It is the sort of book where you grow to care so much for the characters that you dream of entering the book and giving people a shake or a hug in order to get the ending you wish for. An emotionally powerful book.

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