Afterworlds by @ScottWesterfeld – Book Review


I loved the cover of the book and I loved the story too.

The book has two stories that are recounted in alternating chapters. Darcy Patel is a teenage author who has had first book accepted by a publishing house – the book follows her as she adjusts to life as an author, learns about the publishing world, makes friends, falls in love and makes mistakes. The story that alternates with Darcy’s is that of the book she is writing – a fantasy novel where some people learn to move between the world of the dead and the living. Lizzie is one of these people. She is a teenager who pretends to be dead in order to avoid death at the hands of a terrorist group but ends up slipping into the afterworld where she has to learn about this new world and her role in it.

A fascinating book where both stories are equally interesting. Sometimes, in books where the chapters have alternating stories or voices, the reader has a preference for one of the stories or voices but in this book each of the stories is interesting and fun. Darcy’s story presents a fascinating insight into the publishing world whilst Lizzie’s story is an enjoyable fantasy adventure which you truly believe has been written by Darcy. Unusual, witty and enthralling.

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