Look out for this book: Sunkissed by @JennyMcLachlan1


Due for publication on 13th August – if you like romance and laughter, this book needs to be on your summer reading pile!

Fifteen year old Kat gets into trouble one time too often and is shipped off to Sweden to spend a month with her whacky aunt, Frida. Spending thirty days on a remote and quiet island, cut off from her friends and with no mobile reception seems to be a recipe for disaster. But then Leo turns up and things look different and Kat feels different. As the summer starts looking up and Kat discovers parts of herself she had forgotten about, Leo’s friend turns up and Kat is no longer sure where she stands or what she thinks.

A fun and lighthearted book that also carries an important message: falling in love can make you feel good, but finding your true self and your inner strength is the best way to happiness and contentment. This is a hugely enjoyable read which paints a lovely picture of the Swedish isles in the Summer and the pleasure of the simple things in life. It was a perfect book to read on a hot summer’s day but, whether you read it in the sun or the rain, it will leave you feeling happy and smiling.

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