The Curious Tale of the Lady Caraboo by Catherine Johnson – Book Review


An amazing story based on a true tale – fascinating.

Mary Wilcox left Exeter to make a life for herself in London but things go wrong and she finds herself without a home and in danger. Not long after an exotic young lady is found wandering near the lovely country house of the Worralls. Fred Worrall is back from London where he is dissatisfied with his easy life. Cassandra Worrall is bored and flighty and their mother is intrigued by all things and people foreign. It is an ideal place for this exotic stranger to find a home and to hide away. They come to know her as Princess Caraboo and her behaviour intrigues and excites them. As they marvel at her, she observes and judges them. However, nothing quite works out as she expects.

Inspired by the true story of Princess Caraboo (the author discusses this at the end of the book and it really is fascinating), this is an amazing and unusual story. It is hard to believe that people could so easily be duped, and, although one can blame this on the era in which the story takes place (1800’s), the story raises some good questions about how sometimes people choose to fool themselves and how dishonest and careless people can be about their feelings. The story is an enjoyable and engaging read and readers cannot help but root for Lady Caraboo and will her to have a happy life.

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