Ghosts of Shanghai by Julian Sedgwick – Book Review


I love books that are action packed but also teach me something. I loved learning about Shanghai in the 1920’s – I could almost feel and taste the intrigue, the clash of cultures, the wealth and poverty.

Its 1926 in Shanghai and Ruby and her friends are experimenting with trapping ghosts. Its exciting but their adventures are only a small part of what is happening in Shanghai. The city is facing turmoil with communist agitators wanting to change the political landscape and remove the numerous foreigners who live and work there. As events unfold, Ruby and her friends are drawn into the turbulence and danger swirling around the city and they find themselves meeting and relying on mysterious people in order to survive.

An exciting and adventurous book set in a fascinating city. The book will attract readers who enjoy action packed mystery books, whilst also opening their eyes to an interesting time and place in history. Shanghai in the 1920’s was awash with political intrigue, unrest, wealth, poverty, disease and some discord existing between the expatriate population and the local Chinese people. This book paints an informative and compelling picture of this time in history. Well written and packed with excitement and danger, this is the first book in a series.

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