Lying Out Loud (Hamilton High series) by Kody Keplinger – Book Review


Another book in the Hamilton High series – good fun but perhaps a little unbelievable at times.

Sonny has spent her life lying – to her teachers, her peers, her friends and, most of all, to herself. When Ryder Cross arrives at Hamilton High, her lying gets out of hand creating damage she never dreamt of. She could blame her messed up home life but, ultimately, she needs to face up to what she has done. She didn’t even like Ryder when he first arrived; he was arrogant and conceited and in love with her friend Amy. But then she started having virtual conversations with him by IM, email and text and she sees him in a different light. Trouble is, he thinks he is talking to Amy. Because, once again, Sonny hasn’t been truthful. If she wants Ryder and if she wants her friendship with Amy, she needs to learn to be honest.

The book is fun and lighthearted, but also makes the reader contemplate the perils of lying. Everyone lies – but hen do white lies get out of hand and when does lying move from protecting people or oneself to causing hurt? However, despite this important theme, the story has some weaknesses – would parents allow a girl to move into their house for months without checking the situation out? Would a school not show an interest in the college applications of a bright student? At times some of the plot appears a little tenuous but if you can overlook this then you will find it to be an enjoyable read.

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