Fire Colour One by Jenny Valentine – Book Review


Another interesting, unusual and fascinating YA book from Jenny Valentine.

Iris lives a strange life with her mother, Hannah, and step father., Lowell. Hannah wants to be rich and Lowell wants to succeed as an actor. Neither are particularly interested in Iris and she entertains herself, meeting her best friend Thurston on her adventures. Then, suddenly, her mother flies them back to England to visit Iris’ dying father, in the hope of getting her hands on his priceless art collection. Iris is faced with a father she doesn’t know and who she was told rejected her. As she gets to know her father, he is determined to tell Iris the truth about her childhood or her family.

Beautifully written with excellent dialogue and exquisitely drawn, if unusual, characters. The story makes the reader think about the meaning of family, of friendship, of love and of honesty. Lies and their repercussions permeate the story although, ultimately, this is a feel good story, with love healing past wrongs and promising a better future. A fairly straightforward read with an unusual but compelling story line.


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