The Kiss by Lucy Courtenay – Book Review


Sixteen year old Delilah is on holiday in France when Laurent kisses her on a beach with the full moon hanging over the sea. It’s an amazing kiss; Aphrodite’s Kiss according to Laurent. However back in the UK, the kiss is not enough to repair Delilah’s broken heart or make her trust in love and men again. Then, before she knows it, her life takes off in unexpected directions and, suddenly, she needs to do a lot of things: help her friend Tabitha get her boyfriend Sam back, earn money, cope with the gorgeous Jem and manage sixth form. Are all these events related to Aphrodite’s kiss or is Delilah’s life just very hectic and rather mad?

A thoroughly enjoyable book; lighthearted and fun and utterly mad in parts – amateur dramatics, body art, zombies, broken hearts, crushes and amazing kisses. This is an easy and straightforward read that will bring a smile to your face and flutter to your heart. Great for a summer read but, even if it’s not summer, read it and have a laugh. And dream of Aphrodite’s Kiss.

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