What type of summer YA reader are you?

Summer is stretching ahead with plenty of time for reading – so what type of YA reader are you? What are you planning to read?

  1. Reading? What’s that?
  2. Short and sweet only
  3. Fun. I just want to laugh after all the exam horrors
  4. Romance. Summer means romance.
  5. This is the perfect time to fill in my knowledge gaps/literary weaknesses
  6. Anything. I will read anything as long as it lets me escape.

I’m not sure I can help out if you are Type 1 but here are some ideas for the rest of you:

Type 2 – try magazines, short stories or books with excerpts like Love Hurts by Malorie Blackman or Let it Snow by John Green. Or try out some shorter books: The Fastest Boy in the World by Elizabeth Laird, Brock by Anthony McGowan, The Cay by Theodore Taylor. Two Weeks with the Queen by Maurice Gleitzman are just a few.

Type 3 – well here’s a list of Books to make you Laugh

Type 4 – and here’s a list of Books to help you Find Romance

Type 5 – you are right – but please give yourself a little break too! For knowledge filling try magazines or check out these lists: Books to Make You Think or Books to make you Impress Your Teacher. Still lost? Check out these Reading Lists which include prize winning books.

Type 6 – check out the Books Teens and Magazines website – there are books to suits all interests and ages. Sometimes it’s fun just to browse. However if escaping to you means getting let in a world of fantasy try this list of Books to make you Dream.

Have fun picking out your books and even more fun reading them.

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