Being a Girl by Hayley Long – Book Review


Not sure where to start when explaining how to cope with life to a tween or teen girl? Then this is the book for you.

This books covers topics that are part of the life of tween or teen girl – adolescence, make-up, peer pressure, boyfriends, sex etc. It is full of useful information – from explaining bra sizing to discussing alcohol and drugs. Sensible advice is given, laws are explained and where appropriate details of websites and organisations are provided too. The book, however, is not a dry tome of information. It is written in a fun and chatty style, with plenty of humour to balance out some serious issues.

An enjoyable way to answer many of the questions that many tween and teen girls face as they enter adolescence. The book is full of important and useful information but it is fun to read – humorous, friendly and straightforward. Enjoyable cartoons, flow charts, speech bubbles and even comments from sixth formers talking about being teens pepper the book. The author takes the opportunity to explain many issues that worry teenagers these days – she takes a firm and sensible stance on the topics she covers – especially bullying, alcohol and drugs and sex. One of the strengths of this book is that it doesn’t just explain things – it encourages girls to seek advice if they need it, to talk to their mothers or female role models and, most of all, to be empowered, to make their own decisions. Although the book is available in a digital format, it is best read as a print copy.

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