Review: The latest series by Katie McGarry – Nowhere but Here


When Emily’s biological grandmother dies, it turns her life upside down. She has been living a happy life with her mother and adoptive father in Florida and has never given much thought to her mother’s family or her biological father who live back in Kentucky. Now she is being forced to attend the funeral and meet people she has no interest in – in fact her biological fathers’ family is far removed from anything she is used to or comfortable with. To Emily they are mad and scary and the motorcycle club they run frightens her. When things start going wrong on her visit to Kentucky, Emily finds herself in danger and is forced to stay for part of the summer, with the attractive Oz as her personal bodyguard. As her stay progresses, she learns more about her biological family and starts to realise that the stories she has been told of her past are not all true and that she has feelings for this family she never really knew.

There is a lot going on in this book – there is the motorcycle club and the way it is run, there is Emily’s relationship with her parents and biological family, there is the secret of Emily’s early life, there is the love interest with Oz and there is the issue of Emily being in danger. The motorcycle club is a large part of this story and much time is spent explaining how the club is a positive and legal association, one that provides and cares for its members and which works within the law. The aim of this would seem to be to make the reader comfortable with the lives of the main characters in the story whilst also showing their slightly more wild and unusual side. The story is told alternately by Emily and Oz, both likeable teenagers trying to find their way in life and understand all that it going on around them. The book and the characters didn’t sizzle in my hands but it was an enjoyable read and is a good starting point in this new series.

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