Review: P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han @jennyhan


Lara Jean is sixteen, going on seventeen and she is learning about love – its highs and its lows. She is hoping to get back with Peter but their story is complicated by his continued friendship with Gen, his ex. As she struggles with her feelings for Peter and their budding relationship, she learns that first loves don’t always last but they are always special and that relationships change and people move on. Then, out of the blue, John Ambrose gets in touch – he was the recipient of the fifth love letter she wrote, the only one that was sent out but remained unanswered. It was hard enough struggling to understand her feelings for Peter but now she is wondering if it is possible to love two boys at once.

A gentle book about love – first love, unrequited love, sisterly love and more. As Lara struggles with her own feelings and with what she wants from a relationship, she learns about love from those around her and whilst she realises that not all love, especially first love, lasts, she also learns that it is special and a part of growing up and moving on. This is an easy and straightforward read, with plenty of funny episodes and interesting scenes which centre around Lara Jean’s Korean roots and the old people’s home where she works. The book leaves you with a smile on your face and if you are an adult reading this YA book, you will inevitable think of your first love and what it meant to you. If your first love is still to come, then this book might make you think and dream.

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