Will ‘The Black Butterfly’ make you flutter?

The Black Butterfly is the latest YA book by new author Shirley Vernick. Her previous YA book, The Blood Lie, won the Simon Wiesenthal Museum of Tolerance’s annual book award. The Black Butterfly will be published in May 2014 and it will be a great find for those readers interested in a bit of fantasy and romance.

The Black Butterfly is part ghost story, part adventure story and part romance. Penny is forced to spend the Christmas holidays with an old friend of her mother’s on a cold and isolated island. Her mother believes in ghosts and spends her time chasing ghost sightings and abandoning Penny. However, what promises to be a dreary holiday turns out to be more enjoyable than Penny could imagine, helped along by the rather attractive George. But who are Blue and Starla and how safe is Penny?

The story is told by 16-year-old Penny in a friendly and chatty style. She encounters a mix of interesting characters and her holiday becomes a journey through which she discovers herself – her strengths, her talents, her family. This is more than just a ghost story – although you need to enjoy some paranormal activity to enjoy the story – and it is very enjoyable. There is the possibility of further books in the series as the story leaves a few unanswered questions. I found that I was quite pleased to think I might meet Penny and George again. I think you might be too.


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