The Dearth of Teen Magazines

There is a dearth of magazines aimed directly at the teen market. Perhaps this reflects the fact that teenagers use the internet as their way of finding out what is happening in the world, following the latest gossip and trends, keeping up with celebrities or learning more about their interests. In some ways this is understandable, but it is also a shame. It is fun receiving a regular magazine subscription through the post and curling up with it or buying a magazine from the news stand. For those who like to write, it is satisfying to see an article of yours in print, or even a letter or a comment. True this can be achieved on many websites or blogs or through social media – but it’s nice to have magazines too.

Here are a list of magazines aimed at, or suitable for teenagers. Some are internet based and some are paper based. Check them out and see what you think. And let me know who I’ve missed out!

BBC Focus – science and technology

BBC History – for history buffs

Flipside – a technology lifestyle magazine for teenagers

Jump! – a web base magazine for pre-teens

Mizz – fashion, light reading and gossip for teens

Rookie – an online magazine for teens by teens

Shout – fashion, light reading and gossip for teens

T3 – adult technology magazine which may appeal to teens

Teen Vogue – fashion, celebrity style, entertainment and beauty

The Week – weekly current affairs magazine

Time – weekly current affairs magazine

Web Designer – computing and web design

Wordsmith – creative writing






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